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Ecotourism - Eco tours - Travel in Cambodia

Ecotourism: How to combine travel in the Kingdom of Cambodia with the discovery of Nature. Nowadays, ecotourism is a widespread way of discovering new countries. Many travelers have chosen to adopt a respectful approach to travelling that takes into consideration the needs of Nature they explore and immerse themselves in. The relatively recent concept of ecotourism has already been around for a few years. It is an answer to the threats created by global warming and to the damage caused by mass tourism.

In order to face these new challenges, one had to come up with a sustainable solution that would contribute to the preservation of our environment. Ecotourism tackles several important issues such as biodiversity conservation, raising awareness about our natural heritage, cultural diversity enhancement and the participation of local communities in the development of tourism.

Our travel agency in Cambodia, Terre Cambodge, is aware of the problems and challenges caused by the globalization of tourism and is committed to promoting responsible and environmentally-friendly eco tours throughout the Cambodian map. The traveler is invited to discover Cambodia's exotic regions following eco-tourism concepts. They have the opportunity to discover an extremely rich biodiversity and to share the local populations’ daily life. This is a truly unique experience which offers travelers an amazing change of scenery when travelling in Cambodia while respecting the environment.

Learn about our ecotourism and discovery tours of Cambodia

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