Cambodia is one of the last rarely discovered countries in South East Asia. In the past the people of Cambodia had to suffer long years under the consequences of the terror regime of the Khmer-rouge and the civil war. Nowadays the country is free of wars and holds an enhancing economy. Especially the tourism sector is increasing fast and offers various job opportunities for the local society. Experienced travellers say that “Cambodia is like Thailand twenty years ago”, with lonesome islands, lost temples and rarely discovered regions and hill tribes.

The Most Interesting Cities To Visit

Battambang: Much of the northwest still shows clear Thai influence, especially in the style of the houses – not surprising given that the area came under Thai control at the end of the eighteenth century, and was only finally returned to Cambodia in 1946.

Phnom Penh: Founded in 1434, the city is noted for its beautiful and historical architecture and attractions. There are a number of surviving French colonial buildings scattered along the grand boulevards. Situated on the banks of the Tonlé Sap, Mekong and Bassac rivers, the Phnom Penh metropolitan area is home to about 2.2 million.

Sihanoukville: Krong Preah Sihanouk), also known as ‘Kompong Som’ is a coastal city in Cambodia and the capital city of Sihanoukville province. It is located on an elevated peninsula in the country’s south-west at the Gulf of Thailand. The city is flanked by an almost uninterrupted string of beaches along its entire coastline with the Ream National Park near the town due East.

Siem Reap: Also called the town of the temples with Angkor Wat that was first a Hindu, later a Buddhist, temple complex in Cambodia and the largest religious monument in the world. Siem Reap has become a very lively tourist attraction.

Kep: Once the most prestigious beach town of the Cambodian elite, it was entirely destroyed by the Khmer Rouge . This old French Colonial town is now reviving with tourists from foreign countries and on weekend’s with the Phnom Penh people enjoying the beach and famous see food.

Kampot: Set on the Kampot River, Kampot Town is the capital of Kampot province. A lot of Kampots all in one place. A quiet town, best known as the starting point for trips to Bokor Mountain and it’s riverside scene. Kampot is a great escape from the larger cities and towns in Cambodia. Located near the ocean, close to Vietnam, you can travel to SihanoukVille and Phnom Penh in a few hours, and to Vietnam in only an hour. Also, the original seaside resort of Cambodia, Kep, is a short drive away.

Kratie: Kratie is a small rural town situated at the Mekong River.
It’s a charming town with a fair amount of surviving French colonial architecture and some decent cafes and bars servicing the newly emerging tourism. The main attraction are the dolphins in the Mekong River.
There are only around 85 dolphins in the Mekong, but there is a very good chance to see some at Kampi. As river dolphins, these animals don’t generally approach boats show curiosity towards tourist boats like some marine dolphins

Quick facts

Official name:Kingdom of Cambodia
Area:181,035 km2 (59% covered by forest)
Capital:Phnom Penh
Islands:30 (around Sinahoukville and Kep)
Climate:Tropical dry and wet
Population:14,805,358 (more than 50% are less than 21years old)
Religion:Theravada Buddhism
Government:Constitutional democracy
King:Norodom Sihamoni
Prime minister:Hun Sen